It is estimated that the European brown bears’ population of Slovenia is between 500 and 700 specimens. Since the population constantly changes over time, partly as a result of movements across the border with Croatia, it is impossible to number exactly. The European brown bears live in their native habitat, in the forests of karst plateaus, in natural coexistence with the local wildlife, with the inhabitants and their pets. Here woods are perfect in their naturalness and, where and when necessary, they are cared with dedication by loggers.
The habitat is preserved and the human impact is low. This explains the presence of bears and the other wild European fauna : lynx, wolf, Ural owl, buzzard, raptor and many other birds.

From our lodge, we will move by car to a nearby forest and walk 10 min to few bear photo hides, situated in carefully selected locations in the main bear habitat. Driving across the forest roads and walking following the paths and the tracks of the lumberjacks is relaxing.
We’ll spend few hours inside the hides to photograph and record videos of the bears or just to observe them. Sighting brown bears face to face, in the woods, only few meters away, it’s an emotion I cannot describe. They observe is with a sweet look and do not induce any fear, just a big emotion.
We’ll visit Krizna Jama, a cave where remains of over 100 bears (Ursus ingressus) have been found, and explore the inside of the cave with an expert guide, stopping in the more suggestive points to take photographs. Other highlights of this tour are Ural owls, storks, wild orchids and other wild flowers.
We’ll also visit an abandoned bear den.

The group size is limited to max 8 participants, who will be divided into small teams. Each team will go to different hides. This will give us plenty of space and time to enjoy the encounters and to photograph, making your best with the guide and assistance of Franco Banfi.

Classic tour 2023

08 – 12 June
five spaces

Tour 2024



ins  and  outs

Your journey

Expect a trip in one of the rare places in Europe where you can see brown bears without much effort and physical exertions. There are some hides, strategically positioned in the area, professionally furnished and designed for accommodate 2-3 photographers. Depending of the weather’s conditions and bears sightings, we visit the hides 4 or 5 times during the tour.
Guided outings to meet different birds, like the Ural owls, storks and others animals, in addition to an especial boat trip inside the Krizna Jama’s cave.

In details

Classic trip. 5 days, 4 nights :
 accommodation in guest house, full board (except drinks);
 four or five times into the bear’s hide, depending on the weather;
  one excursion to Krizna Jama to photograph the cave ;
 one trip to photograph the Ural owl and the stork ;
  one excursion the surrounding in search of storks the wild orchids.
All activities are depending on weather conditions and will be held by skilled guide.
No more than two/three participants will be contempo-rary in the same hide.

Is this trip right for you ?

This trip is perfect for nature’s enthusiasts, suitable for photographers of all levels, with all kind of equipment.
Photography learning and improvement alongside Franco and other participants to grow your skills as the tour progres-ses, with opportunity to talk about post processing.
We learn by making mistakes and comparing, but doing this close to a professional photo-grapher will allow you to accelerate the evolution of your abilities.
Do you need more information ? Please do not hesitate to contact us to deepen the doubts