The Mediterranean Sea is a large basin, wonderful in its deep blue colour.

The stable marine ecosystem and sea temperature provides a nourishing environment for life in the deep sea to flourish, while assuring balanced aquatic conditions protected from any external deep oceanic factors.

In recent decades, the arrival of exotic species from the tropical Atlantic has become noticeable.
We will explore a tiny part of this vast expanse, in the so called “Pelagos Sanctuary”, looking for pelagic migratory fishes and cetaceans.
The target species will be long finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas), which are highly playful and social mammals and can be approached with patience and dedication.
Encounters with common dolphins, risso dolphins, striped stenellae, sea turtles (mostly caretta caretta), fin whales, sperm whales, mobula rays, mola mola (ocean sun-fish) are expected.

Pilot whales usually travels in pods of 10–30 members, typically family. Like killer whales, they have a matrilineal social hierarchy with an elder female at the head, and a sizable post-reproductive lifespan. They are polygynous, and females often outnumber males 8:1 in a pod.

The private boat, spacious and equipped for the navigation in open sea, will depart each day from the harbour at 8:30 and will be back at 5:00 pm; in the case of extraordinary encounters it will be possible to extend the navigation. Two hours of air location each day, allowing to head the boat towards the marine life.

Every day is different and unpredictable in open sea.

Classic tour 2025

07 – 11 September
four spaces

10 – 14 September
four spaces

Extended Tour 2025

07 – 14 September
four spaces

Tour 2024

on request

ins  and  outs

Your journey

Expect snorkelling and freediving in deepsea calm and crystal waters, allowing to enjoy unbelievable encounters, to take still images or record video.
We will snorkel with each playful animal interested in us, which let us approach in total respect for the wildlife.
We operate with one of the more experienced captain, very scrupulous and eagle-eyed to spot actions.
The food and drinks are delicious and amusements are many in the tourist areas.

In details

Classic tour.  3 days, 4 nights :
3 days of sea activities
4 nights’ accommodation in hotel, sharing double room,
Extended tour.  6 days, 7 nights :
6 days of sea activities
7 nights’ accommodation in hotel, sharing double room,
Board basis : half board on-board.
The group size is limited to seven participants to guarantee the price, plus Franco.
In the case we will not reach seven participants per group, the tours will be done at a higher price, with the approval of the guests.

Is this trip right for you ?

This tour is perfect for whales and nature’s enthusiasts, for patient people, for beginners and advanced photographers.
If you are comfortable in swimming in deep-sea calm water and then to enjoy good apero in the late afternoon, relax and have nice time before tasty tempting dinners.
The group may consist of international travellers.  The small group size means that Franco can attend to the various needs of every-body.
If someone wants to personalize his trip, the area has lot to offer.