“Let nature be nature” is the motto of the Bavarian Forest National Park, the largest National Park in Germany. In connection with the neighbouring Šumava National Park in the Czech Republic, it forms the largest contiguous forest reserve throughout Central Europe.  It is one of the widest of Europe and one of the few natural parks where wild forest develops and unfolds according to natural laws, with the minimum impact of human rules, making this an impressive example for the power of nature. One of the results of this philosophy is a unique biodiversity. Rare animals, such as lynx, otter, capercaillie or Ural owl are able to find a habitat again. The strong biodiversity is based, among other things, on the high percentage of deadwood, which serves as basis and habitat for hundreds of insects, fungi and birds. Natural processes of growth and decay within the forest ecosystem are permitted in the national park, also by leaving behind those dead or wind thrown trees in their natural environment.
The Bayerischer Wald National Park is a pure gem in the awesome landscape of Germany.

One part of this huge forest has been devoted to educational and recreational area. Here wide animal enclosures provide an insight into the original wildlife of the Bavarian Forest. There are various paths to walk, never difficult and accessible to children, with a maximum length of about 7 km. Each stage is marked with signs and educational information.

Within the extensive landscaped enclosures, live wolves, bears, European lynx, European bison, wild boars, otters and martens, owls and other birds of prey and many other animals.
The tour has been studied in detail to investigate the issues of nature photography of terrestrial animals and landscape. Even non photographers will enjoy live a unique experience, admiring beautiful landscapes and European wildlife on the field, totally devoid of danger.

Classic tour 2025

January, on request
four spaces

ins  and  outs

Your journey

You will be able to move autonomously inside the park, focusing on favourite subjects, or to follow the route of Franco and Sabrina. En route and after dinner, fatigue permitting, we will dedicate time to the discussion on nature photo-graphy and travel. You can review the pictures taken during the day, make considerations, examine issues, etc. with the assistance of Franco.
Each camera’s lens records the world as seen by the photographer : which one is yours ?

In details

Classic trip. 4 days, 3 nights :
three nights in a family-run hotel, in double room ;
service in half board (except drinks) .
Photographic assistance of Franco Banfi for the entire trip.
The stages of photography will be affected by weather condi-tions and may therefore be subject to change.

Price does not include transportation, entrance fee to the park, parking fee, eventual travel insurance, potential rental photo equipment and any other extra.

Is this trip right for you ?

If you are fond in nature, you want to play with your camera and don’t fear to bear the cold winter, yes, this tour is for you.
You will have plenty of time for realizing unique images that highlight your subject’s details, for example by using selective focus creatively, restricting depth of field to create focus blur that emphasizes or disgui-ses specific elements in the frame or instead striving for front-to-back sharpness : at your choice. Bring your photography to the next level and practice to get your pictures to tell stories.