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The Sea of Cortez deserves passion and energy.  It is intriguing, captivating.

Basically, it is nearly a primordial soup who feeds a perfect marine food chain and a great variety of marine birds. It holds the record of richest sea in the world of fish’s species. Albeit the dive spots seem to be the natural appendage of the land environment (an endless bare area, rocks, canyons wears away by the marine currents in the granitic blocks emerging from the sandy depth) you will be surprised by the quantity and variety of fish thriving everywhere.

Divers who are looking for colourful coral gardens, gorgonians’ sea-fans, soft-corals, critters for macro-photography … well, they will better go for the polychromy of the Red Sea and to the Indian Ocean, because the Sea of Cortez is extraordinary and gives great satisfaction to those people who are focused on abundance of fish and to observe behaviours.

This unique trip covers five different destinations, each one with peculiar subjects and unique marine encounters : Cabo San Lucas for snorkelling with silky sharks; Cabo Pulmo for diving or free-diving with large schools of jacks and colourful fishes; Isla Espiritu Santo for diving or free-diving with sea lions and school of mobula munkiana feeding at night; Magdalena Bay for snorkelling with stripped marlins.

But the Sea of Cortez is not “only this”, even though this could also be enough. It is a wondrous destination for divers and snorkelers who like to be in the middle of the action, where large predators meet their natural preys. For these people, our “Sea of Cortez medley four destinations” will become a milestone of their diving travels.

The group size is limited to max 5 participants plus the guides.

Tour 2024

02 – 17 Dec
three spaces

Tour 2025

on request

La Paz

ins  and  outs

Your journey

Expect snorkelling and diving in relatively shallow waters, perfect for interact with marine life, where tropical and temperate zones meet creating a unique environment, housing frolicking sea lions, mobulas Munkiana, large pelagic, schools of  fish.
Cabo Pulmo NMP and UNESCO World Heritage site has been described as the most successful marine reserve in the world.
Just north of the island of Espirito Santo, Los Islotes is home to a large colony of more than 200 California sea lions.
Magdalena bay is one of the more reliable places in the world for observingand interact with striped marlins hunting sardines bait balls, in the months of October and November.

In details

A medley five destinations tour.
15 days, 14 nights :
two days : Cabo San Lucas, two half days of snorkelling with silky sharks – accommodation in hotel, services bed & breakfast;
three days : Cabo Pulmo diving with large school of jacks – accommodation in private villa;
one overnight in La Paz ;
four days : Isla Espiritu Santo, diving with sea lions at day and with school of mobula Munkiana at night; accommodation in tent campsite, service full board ;
one overnight in La Paz ;
three days : Magdalena bay, snorkelling with striped marlin hunting sardines bait balls – accommodation in hotel, service full board.
Included return transfers, Admin permit where needed and private use of the boats.

Is this trip right for you ?

This trip is perfect for divers (both scuba and free divers) who are looking for great behaviours and movement in the water, for underwater photographers who have a good balance and are already accustomed to play with large pelagic animals or want to improve their skills in taking pictures of fast creatures.
For people who does not mind to wake up early for a transfer and to enjoy a late night dive, when the buddy is a school of mobula Munkiana feeding at night.
For fellows who are not addict of internet connection, that might be random or poor in some areas. For people who are not looking for 5 stars hotel’s services but prefer to enjoy 5 stars’ rated wildlife encounters.