Franco was born in Switzerland and lives nearby Lugano Lake. He started shooting pictures 35 years ago and became a professional photographer in 2000, specialized in wildlife and nature, underwater environments.

He has massive experience in traveling and guiding micro-groups of people, enthusiasts about nature and photography. He speaks fluently four languages and has successfully explored almost every corner of the planet.
His priceless expertise and knowledge are a great plus for customers who travel with Wildlife Photo Tours.

Since a long time, he has become known worldwide for his versatility. Through the evocative power of his images, he raised a veil over a lot of uncommon animals and locations, shooting wildlife and human interaction with nature, in destinations from the Equator to the Polar regions (both Arctic and Antarctic). His photo-library includes a large array of images taken in extreme contrast environments.

Franco has been a professional photojournalist for many years and his images are licensed through many photo agencies. Recently he is working mainly on wildlife and on conservation stories focused more and more on subjects, rather then on destinations.
The works of Franco and his partner Sabrina have been and are published in hundreds of media, with the aim to increase awareness of the nature and celebrate the majestic beauty of our world. Just to name the more known magazines : National Geographic (US), GEO International (DE), L’Illustrée (CH), National Geographic Italy, Focus (I), Stern (DE), Terra (DE), Terre Sauvage (F).
Franco is an award-winning photographer (World Champion in underwater photography in Cuba) and his pictures have won international awards including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY), Nature’s Best, International Photography Awards (IPA), GDT Nature Photographer of the Year, Glanzlichter , etc.

Franco is a member of (International Environment Photographers Association) and Wild Wonders of Europe. He is Mares, Fourth Elements and Isotta Housing ambassador.

Sabrina is an Italian lady, graduated in 1985, grew up close to Garda Lake, in the northern part of Italy.

She is a skilled travel operation manager, dealing positively with the many red tape aspects involved in the realisation of successful tours. Her long expertise originates from her thirty year job in one of the bigger Italian tourism companies. She speaks fluently three languages.

Besides this career, for the past 15 years she has written reportages for the main Western’s magazines, focused on environmental issues, wildlife and tourist arguments, working as a free-lance journalist.

Sabrina is deeply interested in enhancement programs, promoting the knowledge, hence the defence and the improvement of the diverse ecosystems and she has a natural passion for scientific spreading.

She collaborates with her partner Franco on fieldwork, being a travel enthusiast and having a true passion for the outdoor and nature, wherever there is water in all its states. Often she appears as model in the pictures took by Franco, as Sabrina is a skilled diver and free-diver, having a naturally bent to stay underwater for endless dives.

She is a Mares and Fourth Elements ambassador.

Together with Franco, she is the co-founder of Wildlife Photo Tours.