In January 2023 it will be the eleventh year in a row we’ll head back to the warm and friendly waters of Dominica island, leading a couple of micro-groups of whale enthusiasts.

The main focus of this trip will be the interaction with sperm whales, depending on our physical skills : snorkelling, swimming, free diving, whale watching, taking pictures and recording videos. If you are looking for heart-touching experiences, this trip is for you : you will never forget your first “eyes to-eyes” encounter with a sperm whale, its profound gaze, and your first swim with an entire family of quiet, friendly and playful leviathans. They have an incredible ability to infuse curiosity and intelligence.

Usually, the months of January and February ensure to have the best weather and sea conditions. Sunny days and calm sea will allow us to navigate comfortably and to find the pods of resident sperm whales, with the aid of skilled guides, equipped with hydrophone. It is indeed easy to spot the massive head of sperm whales, resting on the surface or patrolling around the main group and it is rather common to have many sightings each day.

We’ll head out to the ocean and start looking for the peculiar blow breaking the horizon, at an angle of the left side of the sperm whale’s head. Then we’ll operate in compliance with the rules stated by the Ministry and Fishery Authority and those of the special licence, mandatory for operating these activities.

We will not leave the island before having tasted the soul of the so-called “Nature Island” : encountering polite local people, visiting a few of the 365 rivers and waterfalls, walking to the Syndicate Nature Trail or the Waitukubuli National Trail, swimming in the cool fresh water of natural pools, sighting the colourful sunsets, enjoying good and tasty meals, juicy fruits and fragrant drinks.

The group size is limited to max 5 participants plus the guides. We enter the water on rotation of two teams. These simple rules give us plenty of space and time to enjoy contact with the whales and to photograph them, making your best with the guide and assistance of Franco Banfi.

Classic / Extended  2025

Jan – Feb
1° – two spaces
2° – three spaces

Classic / Extended 2024

Jan – Feb
sold out


ins  and  outs

Your journey

A tapestry of blue waters in every nuance of colours, from aquamarine to sapphire, with spectacular visibility. And in that chromatic paradise are friendly pod of resident sperm whales. Almost every day we meet whales or dolphins, sometimes pilot whales, and we interact with them. As long as we are gentle and our swim is soft in the water, whales usually accept our presence.
Expect trekking of every level in verdant and vibrant forests, with many birds and beautiful sceneries. A unique experience, enjoying Creole lifestyle and a taste of Caribbean Sea.

In details

Classic trip. 9 days, 8 nights :
  5 days at sea,
  2 days of inland excursions,
  8 nights’ accommodation.
Extended trip. 14 days, 13 nights
  10 days at sea,
  2 days of inland excursions,
  13 nights’ accommodation
Admin permit.
Private use of the boat.
Shared transfers and meals.
Maximum of 5 people per group, plus Franco and Sabrina. Only two participants plus the guide will be contemporary in the water, except extraordinary situations.
Every participant will enter the water in rotation of two teams.

Is this trip right for you ?

This trip is perfect for whales and nature’s enthusiasts, for beginners and advanced photographers.
You will be on the trail with like-minded people who loves the outdoors, as well as improving their knowledge of marine life and photography.
The group may consist of international travellers.
The small group size means that Franco and Sabrina can attend to the various needs of everybody.
It is possible to personalize this trip, adding extra activities in addition to our proposal and to accomplish special demand.