Norway is a geographical stunner : dramatic fjords, untamed wilderness. As regards scuba diving, very few knows about fairy creatures living in these cool coastal waters, somewhere along Norway’s west coast, ragged, spectacular and island-dotted, over 25’000km long.  And even fewer divers already tried black-water diving in the fjords, in sheltered places close to the coast, looking for amazing pelagic invertebrate encounters. There are not yet pictures of the gelatinous plankton forming the whole community of animals we have never seen before in Norway.

Only recently, it has been discovered that a couple of fjords house deep-sea corals, chimaeras and other deep-sea fish, as well as the deep-sea helmet jellyfish (Periphylla periphylla), in easily accessible diving, depths of 10 to max. 40 metres. A true wonderland for passionate observers and uw photographers, who can finally dive in shallow water and come across in at least a dozen species which normally live at depths far beyond all scuba-diving limits.

During the night, these fairy creatures migrate from the deepest bottoms and swim upward, towards their food.

During the day, our focus will be to observe various oddities : the worldwide shallowest reef of deep-water coral (it is usually found at about 200 / 300m depth) other than kelp forests, wrecks and steep walls full of colourful benthic species. Regular sightings include chimerae, several harmless sharks (as blackmouth dogfish), rays and the Atlantic hagfish, relative of lampreys.

Why here, in these fjords of Norway and nowhere else in Norway Sea ? (at least so far as we know). Because here the water is dark, no matter who many hours of day-lights per each day, since there is a thick (1 to 4 metres) dark layer of fresh water covering the underlying clear sea water. Dark does not mean that the visibility is poor since it can reach up to 20 metres.

Most of the dives will be from shore, in many different diving spots. Even taking tides into right consideration, currents are expected, as well as waves in the surf zone. Night dives will be in total darkness.  Of course, it is cold water diving (expected 8° to 12°C); dry-suit is recommended.

Classic tour 2024

13 – 20 Oct
One space

Tour 2025

on request

ins  and  outs

Your journey

We will dive in only place in the world (as least as we know) where it is possible to find and observe deep-sea corals, chimaeras, deep-sea fish and jellyfish (included Periphylla periphylla) in easily accessible shallow dives.
Blackwater dives focused on weird jellyfish, salps, pelagic tunicates and other transparent alien subjects in sheltered water close to coast.
Be sure your torch is fully charged and that you have a backup.
Dives are unique and tailor made on customers’ requests … they are not on the regular schedule of any tour operators.

In details

Classic tour.  8 days, 7 nights :
* 5 days diving in different fjords, looking for oddest deep-sea creatures in shallow waters,
* 4 nights diving in the dark and blackwater;
* 7 nights’ accommodation in twin rooms
board basis Half board plus snacks;
shore diving and transfer ;
shared transportation to dive spots
shared transfer return-trip.

The group size is limited to max 5 participants plus the guides.
All activities will be brought by skilled guides.

Is this trip right for you ?

Expect an active diving safari.
If you are a passionate uw photographer or you love critters and biology, then expect exciting dives and a taste of northern light in case of clear sky.
You need to like diving in the dark, at your ease in the cold water and challenging environment conditions.
Being used to carry and handling diving equipment.
Diving from shore. Stones on the beach can be slippery. There may be currents.
Divers with limited physical condi-tions might not be happy to join these dives.