In March 2023, we will be back to the warm waters of Sri Lanka Island for the seventh year.

The main focus of this trip is to meet great whales : specifically Pigmy Blue whales, but also other great whales as Minke, Bryde, Sperm whales in their seasonal moving. This trip requires rather good physical conditions as we will snorkel, swim, possibly free dive in open ocean, and -at the same time- we’ll take pictures and record videos.

If you are looking for heart touching contacts with wildlife, at the mercy of nature, this trip is for you : you will feel humbled and with a deep sense of gratitude after an “eyes to eyes” encounter with such huge whale and a glimpse of its majestic fluke.

In addition to the water’s activities, we have organized two full days of jeep safari in the Wilpattu National Park, one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka, to observe and to photograph mainly leopards, elephants, sambhur, water buffaloes and many birds.

Sri Lanka is home to some of the best whale and dolphin watching in the world and it is a premier destination for sighting Pigmy Blue whales. The reason for these bountiful seas is that the nutrient rich waters of the deep Indian Ocean are pushed up towards the surface by the near vertical continental shelf which skirts the south and eastern coastline of the island. The cold currents coming to the surface are full of plankton attracting krill in large numbers, which in turn lures the krill’s predators : baleen whales and small schooling fish.

Weather and sea conditions permitting, each day we will head out to the ocean and look for high blows breaking the horizon, followed by our captain’s shout “nil thalmaha” : the name of Blue whale in the local language. Then we’ll operate in compliance with the rules stated by the Wildlife Department Conservation and those of the special permits mandatory for operating these activities.
The skipper will evaluate the route of the whales and put us in a good position; we will slide as silently as possible into the water and float at the surface, waiting the magical moment the whale will gently swim close by.

The group size is limited to max 5 participants plus the guide.

Classic tour 2024
Mirissa : 09 – 16 March
four spaces
Classic Tour 2024
Trinco : 13 – 19 April
three spaces
Extended Tour 2024

March, on request
four spaces


ins  and  outs

Your journey

Pigmy Blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda) are found in growing numbers both off the eastern and southern coasts of Sri Lanka.
To the southern coast it is more common to see pigmy blue whales and occasionally sperm whales (but not in the period we are there).
The eastern coast is well-known for sighting both pigmy blue whales and sperm whales.
In both places is possible to see Bryde and Minke’s whales.
Expect an exciting experience, enjoying Sri Lankan lifestyle and a taste of the “shining island”.

In details

Classic tour. 10 days, 9 nights :
6 days at sea 6h daily, weather allowing; more time on demand,
2 days of jeep safari,
9 nights’ accommodation,
shared transfers and meals,
Admin permit,
meeting at Colombo airport,
private use of the boat & jeep,
safaris with skilled guides focused on photography.
No more than three participants will be contemporary in the water.
Every participant will enter the water in rotation of two teams.
Jeep safari : max 5 people and driver in each car.

Is this trip right for you ?

This trip is perfect for whales and nature’s enthusiasts, for patient people, for beginners and advanced photographers.
You will be on the trail with like-minded people who loves the outdoors and wildlife, as well as improving their knowledge of marine life and photography. The group may consist of international travellers.  The small group size means that Franco and Sabrina can attend to the various needs of every-body.
It is possible to personalize this trip, adding extra activities in addition to our proposal.